Join my brand new Factions PvP Server! IP: carnagepvp.net DOWNLOAD LINK: http://adf.ly/aoRZL (NOTE: The link might not worth the first time, if it doesnt, try again and/or use a different browser/computer.) Also, check out our blog at: http://ad.fly/abd3U This epic Minecraft Roller coaster was created by a single Minecrafter. This man worked endlessly to create the worlds most epic rollercoaster ever created. Please enjoy, and dont hate on the music! :) -Gman
TheA_Mboom: download didnt work for me
Visi Indotama Sejahtera CV: that's an awesome rollercoaster ever
ricky stephens: danger is awsome
Sparky Gamer: Stupid video
Daylle IV: worst music ever
lotzofepicvids4u7897: You took nearly as long walking to it as you did riding it!
Evan Poole: Probally the most dangerous rollercoaster ever. You would probally be arrested if this was in real life
Gamebrojeremy1: Lines to long lol
SUPERDANILEGO: like if you see herobrine
Jelena Milun: LoL,nice.
Derek A: Song sounds like rape... Me gusta...
Michelle Henderson: you are mean Peyton Black!
Hanifa van Riessen: cool but all the whirls make me nauseous 
Owen Van Hoose: He downloaded it them gave it a new name
Emma marie: I love this song
Haydzthe Craftedkid: Song is Breathe Carolina dont forget to lock the door 
Reese McMichen: I took a wis
madie adams: It gave me a headache but I still like it
Ahmed Essam: Amazing roller coaster.My friend try to build it but he failed
hotdogcraft: nice, very well organized. but you could do better on the start of it
Peter Mayne: Found the song. Breathe carolina - Dont forget to lock the door
minecraft good: ha ha ha ha minecraft SP!!!
00everlast00: actuly i probably could
Taylor Reed: how long did it take?? that was bomb
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